For those who don’t know, the term used to describe various forms of products made from Cannabis is called cannabis oil. Aside from that, hemp seed oil, CBD hemp oil, and CBD oil all came from the same parent plant. But, there are still differences between them.  

Today, we are going to talk about the differences between hemp seed oil, CBD hemp oil, and CBD oil. 

Hemp Seed Oil 

Hemp seed oil comes from the hemp plant, just like CBD hemp oil. However, even though they come from the same plant, these two products are not the same whenever you dig deeper into them.  

The biggest difference can be found in their CBD content. In hemp seed oil, CBD is almost nonexistent. 

Every single active compound in hemps, such as terpenes, cannabinoids, and much more are contained in the flower’s resin. It isn’t in the seeds.  

Meanwhile, hemp seed oil comes with an entire range of beneficial nutrients. This includes omega fatty acids, vitamin E, protein, and fiber.  

CBD Hemp Oil 

As the name implies, CBD hemp oil is derived from hemp plants. Usually, they contain less than 0.4% THC. If you use hemp-derived products, you can’t get high.  

Aside from that, the low THC content enables hemp manufacturers to market their CBD oil as a health supplement instead of a recreational or therapeutic drug. Because of this, CBD hemp oil is legal in every state.  

Of course, this does not mean that CBD hemp oil is not effective. It simply means the existing studies are inconclusive and there is a possibility that both products might be appropriate for various uses.  

Marijuana CBD Oil 

This type of CBD oil is made from the flowers of marijuana that have been bred selectively to contain lower THC levels and high CBD content.  

Usually, this product is utilized for medical applications by users looking for a high effect on cannabis. According to researchers, the mixture of THC and CBD is key for unlocking the plant’s therapeutic abilities.  

If you use marijuana CBD oil, there aren’t any limits to the amount of THC you can obtain. It all differs from the manufacturer. THC is the main ingredient accountable for the plant’s psychoactive effects.  

With this, marijuana CBD oil is a controlled substance and you can only purchase it in areas with a legal marijuana industry.  

The objective of this article is to differentiate various CBD oils so that you can purchase the right one for your needs. You can easily pick the right CBD oil for you if you know its uses, its benefits, the extraction method, and the source of the CBD oil. So before you choose between hemp CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and marijuana CBD oil, it is best to know their differences.  

You should always purchase your CBD oil from a reliable manufacturer to lower or get rid of the risk of getting ripped off. A reliable manufacturer should be able to prove their claims with facts rather than trying to shove their products down your throat and using shallow slogans.